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A People without a Past: Between Three Plagues Volume 2

Lisa tellimusse
A People without a Past: Between Three Plagues Volume 2
The second part in an epic historical trilogy - The Estonian answer to Wolf Hall - by the nation's greatest modern writer 
The year is 1563, and by any account Balthasar Russow can be said to have risen in the world. Fresh from his studies in the German town of Stetten, he has assumed the role as pastor of Tallinn's Holy Ghost Church. Moreover, he is betrothed to a maiden of the town - much to the chagrin of her father, who has no wish to welcome peasant stock to the family when there is no shortage of upstanding young German men - and is poised to begin the chronicle that will ensure his everlasting fame.
But tribulations still await the now not-quite-young Pastor - Livonia is still plagued by foreign powers, with Tallinn braced to withstand a prolonged Muscovite siege. And he will discover that marriage is often a battlefield in itself.
Translated from the Estonian by Merike Beecher
Tüüp raamat
Tase täiskasvanud
Teema EKKAV2019
Autor Jaan Kross
Kirjastus Quercus Publishing
Aasta 2017
ISBN 9780857054654
Hind 18.99 EUR

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