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Saame tuttavaks! Estonian for beginners + 4 CD-d

Lisa tellimusse

“Saame tuttavaks!” is an Estonian textbook for beginners who have just started learning Estonian and are also interested in Estonia and Estonians.
“Saame tuttavaks!” invites learners to become acquainted with Estonia and the Estonian language as the title suggests – Let’s get acquainted!
“Saame tuttavaks!” suits self-study perfectly because the learner is given clear explanations and instructions in English, comprehensive grammar presentations, numerous exercises and tests with answer keys, and listening material.
The Estonian language lessons are complemented with background information about Estonian history and society. Furthermore, the textbook also informs the learner about cross-cultural differences, so the textbook becomes a practical guide with many useful tips for understanding the nature of Estonians. Each unit begins with a text introducing a certain aspect of Estonia illustrated with a fine selection of photographs and ends with a comment on cross-cultural differences, and so the textbook is interesting to read or leaf through even without the intention of learning Estonian.
The textbook includes:
- 15 units to be covered in about 120 hours
- clearly presented grammar supported with a wide variety of exercises
- grammar and vocabulary tests as well as tests on Estonia, its history, society and people after every three units
- plentiful illustrations
- a Grammar Guide so the learners can study at the depth they want
- the Vocabulary of the Units and alphabetical Estonian-English and English-Estonian glossaries
- 4 audio-CDs with pronunciation, grammar, texts, dialogues, exercises, tests, expressions and vocabulary, etc

Tüüp õpik
Tase õpilased
Teema Eesti keel
Autor Silva Tomingas
Kirjastus Tea Kirjastus
Aasta 2009
ISBN 9789985718902

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